I’m not sure I’m ready for church yet!

Given how church is often portrayed in the media, that’s not altogether surprising.  Boring, irrelevant, judgemental and hypocritical are some of the labels ascribed to church these days but our experience is quite the opposite!

We hope you will find our church relevant to modern life, encouraging, inspiring and transformational.  Jesus lived the most amazing life and his message is powerful and revolutionary.  Church is a chance for us to get together as a community on a journey of faith where we find hope, strength and enlarged freedom.  Whatever stage you are at, there is a space for you to also do that at your own pace.

It is quite likely that you have a number of questions you’d like answered about the Christian faith. Have a look at the following page which might help:


Oh, one other thing.  Don’t worry that we might ask you for any money when you come.  Our services are free and you’ll get free refreshments afterwards.  There is a box near the entrance for regular members to help pay for the church’s work but all donations from our members are voluntary.

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