So what actually happens?

Inside the Worship Centre

So what actually happens at a Sunday Morning Service?
We start at 10.30 with a short introduction followed by three or four songs.  You might not know the tunes but they are usually quite easy to pick up so that you can join in.  If you are not a great singer, don’t worry; there are others in the same boat!  The lyrics are projected onto our large central screen so you don’t have to find the place in an unfamiliar book!

We offer several music styles to suit different personalities and preferences.  Whether you enjoy traditional hymns, modern band-driven music, or a mixture of the two, there is an experience that’s right for you.  In our services, the goal is to create opportunities for each person to express thanks to God through music in a meaningful way.  You can participate as little or as much as you like – whether through singing or simply listening and reflecting on what you hear.

Following the songs we have some announcements about various activities happening at church or in the community.  At this point the children go to a different room with teachers for their own age group.


Refreshments afterwards

Then it’s time for five or ten minutes of prayers for the world, our country, our city, our community and our church. Two or three more songs precede a reading from the Bible and an inspiring talk of up to 30 minutes.  The service finishes at around 12.00 noon and tea, coffee and biscuits are available free of charge in the reception area.