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Every year many people in Britain go through divorce or the breakup of a significant relationship. The depth of emotional suffering felt by the individual is not always realised. In marriage or relationship breakup the individual usually experiences all the trauma of a bereaved person and, sometimes, even more conflicting emotions.

Yet, while society allows the bereaved to take years to adjust, the divorced and separated are frequently expected to ‘pull themselves together’ in a matter of weeks, unaided!

Divorce Recovery Workshops were established at Witard Road Baptist Church following the Coordinator’s attendance at a Workshop at Lee Abbey in May 2012.  There were no local courses to be found anywhere in the east of England, hence travelling to North Devon to attend a weekend workshop.  The workshops are aimed at helping those trying to come to terms with marriage separation or divorce, but is equally open to anyone who has been in a long term relationship that has completely broken down.  It is not for those seeking reconciliation with partners (although obviously if reconciliation occurs it is a bonus – but it is not “marriage/couple guidance).

The course takes place one evening per week over six weeks, and costs £60.00.  This includes all course material, the book that the course is based on and refreshments.  Weekend  residential courses are available – please go to National website to find out more about these:

The course comprises of six sessions two hour sessions covering the following topics:

  • 1)         Is this really happening to me?
  • 2)         Assuming new responsibilities
  • 3)         Coping with your ex-spouse
  • 4)         Family matter
  • 5)         Forgiveness & letting go
  • 6)         New Relationships

The Workshop IS Extremely Effective

It enables people to have a better understanding of what they are going through, provides them with support from others in the same situation and assists in the process of readjustments in their lives.

  • The workshop forms an excellent basis to commence and continue recovery
  • There is a noticeable change in participants over the six sessions
  • It also provides a new circle of friends after the workshop is over

There is a thirty minute DVD presentation (Produced by the National Charity, “Divorce Recovery Workshops”),  which provides constructive focus, and small group sessions that offer a safe and secure environment in which to discuss and understand personal feelings.

The course is run by volunteers, all of whom have been divorced/separated and have completed the course themselves.  (The coordinator and deputy coordinator  of Norwich DRW both have recovery/counselling experience related to their professions, but are not qualified counsellors)

DRW is suitable for anyone of any age, at any stage of separation or divorce


Growing through Divorce

Participants are encouraged to help with future workshops as part of their rebuilding.  In doing so they acquire skills and confidence that may have a major impact on their own recovery and personal development.

DRW now also has a regular social group that meet fortnightly to continue to offer friendship and support to those that have completed the course

You can go through it or you can GROW through it!

You can go through it or you can GROW through it!

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